Pullip is an Asian fashion doll. She has a unique mechanism that allows her to look from side and side as well as blink (on newer releases starting with Rei they have “sleep eyes” where the eyes can remain closed). She has a very large head about 1/3 scale on a 1/6 scale body. Every month a new pullip with a new “feeling” is released. Pullip is the flagship doll of the line. She previously dated Namu but he has since been replaced with Taeyang.
Tokidoki Luna
Nationality: Korean
Age: 17 (May, Gemini)
Blood Type: O
Present Address: Milano, Italy
School: Private high school in Milano Member of a big-band, which plays swing music. Also participates in high school’s drama club.
Hobby: Scuba diving, watching movies & musicals, shopping, hosting parties and photography.
Personality: Active, positive, sociable, extroverted, cheerful; “I enjoy a luxurious life”.
Favorite Food: Seafood, Italian-Korean mixed fusion food, like kim-chi pilaf. “I love my fathers cooking of Korean Bibim-bab”.
Favorite Books: Fashion & home décor magazines.
Fashion Style: Unique. “I have my own style that is special and fashion forward. I’m always ahead of the scene”.
Future Plan: I’ve got many things that I will be doing. I am the master of my fate.
Ideal Type: A cool guy. ‘’I like cheerful, active and gorgeous guys, but right now I am in love with my boyfriend TAEYANG.
Boyfriend: TAEYANG (her ex-boyfriend was Namu)

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2011- Jaldet
2012- Kiyomi : Galene : Nella Retro Memory Version
2013- Cyborg 009 Francoise ArnoulWilhelmeniaDC Comics Supergirl : Io : Ally :  Kuhn : AkemiHannah :  Canele
2014- Tokidoki Lunarosa : Vocaloid Sakura Miku : Dilettante : Rozen Maiden Shinku 2014 : Rozen Maiden Keikujyaku : Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Violetta (regular edition) : Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Violetta (Special Version) : Rozen Maiden Suigintou 2014

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