What is a Dal? Dal is Taeyang’s younger sister. She debuted in 2006 with simultaneous releases: Drta, Monomono and Fiori. She was released hot on the heels of Taeyangs initial release. She considers Pullip to be her rival because of her relationship with taeyang. Byul is her best friend. While Dal can still look from side to side unlike Pullip and Taeyang she can not blink. Dal shares the same body as Byul.
109/365- Heidi (Dal Dotori)

Nationality: Korean
Age: 13 (February, Aquarius)
Blood Type: AB
Present Address: Milano, Italy
School: International Korea middle school in Milano
Club: Tennis
Hobby: Drawing illustrations and adding them to her popular blogs.
Personality: very sentimental and tender
Favorite Food: Korean food “My best friend Byul’s mom cooks Korean food for me and it’s the best, I love it!
Boy Friend: I haven’t seen anyone cooler than my brother! One day I will meet someone like him!

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