Doll Facts and Questions

Seeing how I get a lot of doll related questions, I have decided to make a special page just for them. Please understand if I have directed you here after asking me a question, I am not trying to be rude I just get certain questions with such alarming frequency that it is just easier for me than trying to explain the same thing, over and over again.

First and foremost my most asked question….
Question: OMG kawaii-desu~ I love your ________ doll, sell her to me now1!!1!! or Is this doll for sale?
Answer: This is my most frequently asked question, the answer is NO unless I specifically say a doll is for sale it is not for sale. No matter how many emails/pm’s I get asking me to sell (or give) you the doll the answer will still be no so don’t bother pesting me. Even when written bold and red like this I bet I will still get this question.

General Questions
Where can I buy…
Question: Dollfie Dreams?
Answer: Yahoo Japan is your best bet for older releases, keep in mind unless you actually live in Japan you can not buy directly off of Yahoo Japan you have to go through a bidding agency which will add anywhere from a 15-20% commission fee. VolksUsa does on occasion have preorder lotteries for dollfie dreams but those are pretty rare and they require payment in it’s entirety up front which can suck when the preorder period is in May and the doll doesn’t show up until September. I can not stress enough that if you are really wanting to buy a dollfie dream than you have to be realistic about your expectations of cost. Saber for example is a popular doll, her MSRP was right around $1,000 she tends to sell for more so expecting to be able to find her complete for around $500 is not realistic. Do your research watch a few auctions of whichever doll you are lusting for and see where they end and see if it feasible for you. Concerning the preorder lotteries on VolksUSA, I personally only keep track of the dates if I am considering getting a doll myself I generally know the dates but I am no way responsible for reminding people when the dates are. I got several outraged emails from people previously that missed the preorder deadline, if you want the doll that badly keep track of the dates yourself it is not my responsibility. I understand Dollfie Dreams are expensive, I know they are but to me they are worth it and I own several of them their purchases for me are pretty well planned out and are not something casual or whim driven.

Question: Mama Chapps?
Answer: Your best bet is to go through a bidding agency and get one from Yahoo Japan, the official website does offer preorders occassionally but they sell out lightning quick and you would need to go through a bidding agency in order to preorder from them website.

Question: Pullips?
Answer: I highly recommend Pullipstyle I have personally purchased 50+ dolls from them with no complaints. Valley of the dolls was another US based shop but they have recently discontinued carrying pullip. There are other shops in the US that carry pullip, such as Denverdoll, Toyslogic, Angelic Dreamz and Doll Peddler prices kind of vary though. HobbylinkJapan and Hobbysearch may work out better with shipping cost if you are not in the US, just be warned HLJ’s packaging can sometimes leave something to be desired (I purchased Uncanricky from them and she was shipped via ems there was a hole in the box and I could literally see her staring back at me :O ). There are also two pullip forums devoted to buying/selling/trading Shopadollic and Dolly Market, both communities have their own rules please read them before posting and keep in mind I am a mod on both forums so please remember to follow all the rules.

Remember the correct answer for any of the where can I buy questions is not from me… I do not mind helping people locate rare dolls from time to time if I have free time. While I don’t mind helping people look for stuff I do not like to be directly involved with the transaction, while I may help you locate the doll I want nothing to do with the actual purchasing of the doll as I do not want to be responsible if something goes wrong.

Question: Are more Hestia’s going to be released? Are they discontinued?
Answer: Unfortunately Hestia is discontinued, some releases can still be found often for quite cheap with some digging.

Pullip Questions

Question: Which doll should I get as my first?
Answer: That is a difficult question as it is different for everyone, I highly recommend going through and looking at all the different releases before making a decision. There is a group on flickr Pullippedia which serves as a directory to groups dedicated to each pullip release (you do not need to be a member of flickr to browse the groups but you do to comment/post) that is a great resource for owner photos of pullips, I highly recommend looking at owner photos as the promotional fliers sometimes don’t accurately portray the doll. Keep in mind some dolls are easier to get a hold of than others, Kirakishou is a gorgeous doll but is limited and is quite sought after/expensive so she is probably not the most realistic choice for a first doll (unless you can actually afford her).

Question:I have heard P.U.D.D.L.E. mentioned what is it?

Answer: Puddle is Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event. It takes place in the Chicago, Illinois area every year some time in early June. Pullipstyle operates close by so the owners attend and if you are attending you can reserve dolls to be picked up at Puddle.

Question Which pullips/namu/dal/taeyang are limited or exclusive? How limited were the limited editions?
Answer Leprotto LE300, Savon LE300, Happy Birthday Pullip and Namu 1 LE300 (sold only as a set), Bianca LE600 (Magma Heritage exclusive), Oren LE600 (Magma Heritage exclusive), Spring Purezza LE500, Mitzi LE600 (Magma Heritage Exclusive), Vivien LE500 (Toys R’ Us Exclusive), Winter Purezza LE500, Summer Purezza LE500, Happy Birthday Pullip and Namu 2 LE300 (sold only as a set), Fall Purezza LE1200, Haute LA LE500, Another Alice LE500, Another Queen LE500, Another Soldier Rabbit LE500, Another Clock Rabbit LE500, Another King LE500, Kirakishou LE1000, Haute NY LE500, Jouet LE300 (Doll Carnival Exclusive), Detective Shinku LE1000, Dorothy LE500, Cowardly Lion LE500, Tinman LE500, Scarecrow LE500, Isolde LE300 (Doll Carnival Exclusive), Lala LE300 (US comic-con exclusive), Sala LE300, Sola LE300, Chantilly LE300 (Doll Carnival Exclusive) and Eos LE2000. While not traditional limited dolls, Fanatica and Lan Ai were produced in smaller numbers than other releases.

Question: Pullips have different bodies? Which pullips have which bodies?
Answer: So far there have been four different types of bodies used on pullips each have their own faults as well as benefits.
Pullip bodies comparison
click for notes
Type 1- All 2003 releases -Wind, Debut (Wind with bike), Moon, Street, Squall, Carol, Noir, Leprotto, Bouquet and Withered
Type 2- January 2004 Venus through June 2005 Paja- (Venus, Savon, Nomado, Arietta, Anne Shirley, Bianca, Nero, Happy Birthday pullip 1, Principessa, Fantastic Alice, Oren, Spring Purezza, Panda, Fourrure, Mitzi, Little Red Riding Hood, Sacralita, Vivien, Fantatica, Chicca, Winter Purezza, Afternoon, Mercu, Jupi, Assa, Happy Birthday Pullip 2 & Paja)
Type 3- Starts with the Lan twins in August 2005 and continues through December 2008 release Adsiltia (Lan Ake, Lan Ai, Summer Purezza, Rovam, Greggia, Latte, Raphia, Cornice, Rida, Fall Purezza, Holly, Nina, Nahh-ato, Eternia, Craziia, Papin, Brand New Purezza, Zuora, Shinku, Chill, Haute LA, Suigintou, Stica, Suiseiseki, Alte, Souseiseki, Blanche, Barasuishou, Aquel, Another Alice, Another Queen, Hello Kitty, Kirakishou, Veritas, Prunella, Haute NY, My Melody, Rei, Asuka, Dorothy, Detective Shinku, Dita, Xiao Fan, Youtsuzu, Celsiy, Cinciallegra, Kirsche, Marianne, Isolde and Adsiltia)
Type 4- Neo Noir January 2009 through present (Neo Noir, Kaela, Grell, Clarity, Angelique, Mir, Lala, Sola, Sala, Sfoglia, Princess Ann, Peter Pan, Naomi, Aya, Elisabeth, Chelsea, Sabrina….)

Question What’s a collaboration? Which dolls are collaborations?
Answer-Collaborations are when pullip collaborates with another company and releases a pullip that draws influence from the other company’s products. Jun Planning/Groove Inc have collaborated with different anime shows to release dolls dressed as characters, clothing companies, Sanrio and Disney. Several dolls based on Audrey Hepburn based in how she appeared in films have also been released.
Rozen Maiden- Shinku, Detective Shinku, Hina Ichigo, Kanaria, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, Suigintou, Barasuishou and Kirakishou
Neon Genesis Evangelion- Asuka & Rei
Kuroshitsuji- Sebastion, Sebastion Demon Teacher Version, Ciel, Ciel Robin Version and Grell
Neo Angelique- Angelique, Erenfried and Rayne
Sanrio- Hello Kitty, My Melody and Cinnamoroll
Angelic Pretty- Sfoglia, Maretti, Cocotte and Chantilly
H.Naoto- Prunella, Isolde, Adsiltia, Arion, Horison, Angry & Hangry
Disney- Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Tigerlily and Tinkerbell
Wizard of Oz- Dorothy, Tinman, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow
Audrey Hepburn- Sabrina, Holly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and Princess Ann (Roman Holiday)
There are also releases based on public domain characters such as Fantastic Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Little Red Riding Hood and Anne of Green Gables.

Question– What size wig do pullips use? Where can I buy wigs for pullip?
Answer– Generally speaking pullips take size 8-9 but a few companies run a bit small in which case going up a size 9-10 is advised. Popular wig companies include CanCan and Jpopdolls. Somewhat luckily pullip has approximately the same size as Super Dollfie sized bjd and therefore bjd shops have wigs that will work for pullip Cotindoll, Formydoll, Kon’D, Leekeworld and Luts (tends to run small).
Beachgirlnikitas sells really nice quality fur wigs for reasonable prices. One thing of note is that Denver Doll carries some wigs by the listed bjd companies, they are the same wigs but it may be a little cheaper to order through Denverdoll if they have it in stock because of the shipping (some of these companies are based overseas and shipping for a single wig can be fairly expensive).

Question– Which pullips have rooted hair? How can I rewig them?
Answer– All of the 2003 pullips (Wind, Debut, Moon, Street, Squall, Carol, Noir, Leprotto, Bouquet and Withered) as well as Venus, Nomado and Bianca have rooted hair. Rewigging them can be a bit difficult, releases with shorter hair can just have their hair tucked into slightly larger wigs (ie. Street’s scalp can be successfully tucked up into a blythe sized wig), if you want to rewig a girl with longer hair you either have to buy a blank scalp or shave/give an extremely short haircut to the scalp.

Question– You used some terms I am unfamiliar with what is OOAK, MIB, NRFB etc. what do they mean?
Answer– I know it seems like we dolly collectors have our own secret language at times so here are some of the most commonly seen mystery words..
Bait- Doll sold or bought for the express purpose of customizing, is usually flawed in some way.
BDD- Bad Dolly Deals watchdog group for dolly deals gone wrong (highly suggested reading)
Grail- Most desired dream doll normally limited or extremely expensive older release ie. Noir, Fantastic Alice etc.
JP- Jun Planning- the original company that made pullips before ownership of pullip was sold to Groove Inc. during the Spring of 2009
MIB- Mint in Box
OOAK- One of a Kind Custom doll
NRFB- Not Removed From the Box

Questions about my personal collection

Question: How long have you been collecting pullips? What got you into them?
Answer: I received my first- Shinku as a gift for my birthday on March 28th, 2007. I was a huge Rozen Maiden fan at the time so I was dropping hints that I might like a Hina Ichigo (my favorite character) dal for my birthday well the person who bought Shinku decided they didn’t like dals all that much so bought me Shinku instead. I was so enamored with Shinku when I opened her, I ended up ordering Suiseiseki that night.

Question: How many dolls do you own?
Answer: It’s always in flux as I almost always have a doll on the way or preordered or pending. As of this writing (2/23/2010) I own 167 pullips, 49 dals, 14 Taeyang, 1 Namu, 3 Hestias, 2 J-Doll, 1 Mama-chapp, 10 BJD (3 tinies, 4 Yo-SD & 3 SD), 15 Blythe, 8 dollfie dream, a dozen or so mini pullips/dals and a few azones/megahouse dolls.

Question: Do you really own all of the pullips and dals? Are you going to collect all the taeyangs/namus/byul/minis next?
Answer: As of this moment (2/23/2010) yes I own at least one of every pullip and dal. As for the others, I really don’t know I am not actively working on collecting them all at the moment I tend to pick them up as they interest me/funds allow but I think I can safely say I will never own a byul.

Question: Why do you so rarely mention byul?
Answer: I don’t collect them, I will probably get the Steampunk byul when it is released (she is a radiation victim who never removes her mask) but other than that I am simply not interested in them. I hope if I ignore them they will go away and Groove Inc. will stop releasing them, like they did Namu.

Question: Which doll is your favorite?
Answer: Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine

Question: How do you go about getting custom dolls?
Answer: I personally do not customize dolls I purchase all of mine, if you are thinking about customizing a doll yourself be realistic about your skill set and don’t try customizing a doll unless you can afford to destroy the doll you are working on. I highly recommend Requiemart‘s site as it has many tutorials on customizing. Since I can’t customize I go about getting custom dolls a few different ways.. it is important to remember that custom dolls are unique they, are literally one of a kind (OOAK). For dolls that already exist like the X custom Hinoto by Requiemart than it is kind of luck of the draw of when/if the doll ever happens to pop up for sale and if funds allow at the time. If there is a custom I am really in love with I will keep a keen eye on the owner’s sales threads (please note: do not contact the owner and ask to buy the doll unless they say the doll is for sale or that they might be selling soon as it is extremely rude). I have also commissioned custom dolls by requiemart, papermoonpixie and zerohour269. Generally speaking if you want to commission a custom, you need to provide the base doll and supplies such as wig and eye chips for the customizer unless you work some other type of arrangement out. Keep in mind some customizers are better at certain things than others, look at their previous dolls see what their skill set is also keep in mind that some customizers will charge more than others and some are not always open to taking commissions (they could have a lot of other dolls they are working on at the moment and are unwilling to take on more work at the moment for example).

23 Responses to Doll Facts and Questions

  1. areazel says:

    I was wondering if you know what size clothing Isul wears?

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m not so keen on the boy dolls so they tend not to have as large a wardrobe but I have noticed that Moxie boy and Monster High boy clothes will fit, Barbie stuff will fit too if you can find something not super girly looking.

  2. Charlotte says:

    I have a Pullip and did her on a obitsu, only her head is too heavy because every time she falls backwards. What can I do? I’ve had that pin in her neck was broken so I had looked all over again.

  3. Hey! I’ve been wondering if you’ve heard any update news on the J-Doll situation? I know that the most recent J-Doll had been cancelled along with a new Pullip that was to be released that same month, however I haven’t been able to find any information about the current status of my favourite Groove Line.

    • kleintoys says:

      I wrote a bit about it here I don’t officially know anything but my educated guess is that the line is done. Before the latest announced one was canceled the release schedule for them had become sporadic and from what I had seen the line was never super popular (I never saw that many owner pictures of any of them or Ai Dolls). I don’t know if they will ever make an official announcement or not but I don’t really see them continuing the line at this time.

      To my knowledge they did not cancel any Pullip releases, a Little Taeyang set to release in the same month as Province was canceled but I haven’t heard of any of the larger dolls being canceled recently .

      It’s really unfortunate as I really like J-dolls, my fifteenth is currently in the mail to me right now. I’m way behind on reviewing them here ^^;

      • Awh, that makes me super sad. I got into J-Dolls about 4 months ago and it makes me sad to hear that they’ll more than likely be discontinued. Especially considering I’m not the biggest fan of the Sasha dolls that are said to be replacing them.(The J-Dolls were honestly the only Groove dolls that were in my price point! >-< )

    • kleintoys says:

      The MSRP for J-dolls was anywhere from $80 to $160 each, on the one hand it’s awesome for people who want to buy J-doll that a lot of them have been showing up at discount prices on eBay/Amazon but Groove probably lost tons of money on it. Who is going to buy a new doll for $120 when you can get almost any the older dolls from the same line for a fraction of the cost? It would be foolish for Groove to keep releasing them just to lose money on them. It’s kind of a double-edged sword, I never paid full MSRP for a J-doll now I can track down the ones I like at a much more affordable price the flip side is there probably won’t be anymore of them.

      • This is true, the most I paid for one of my J-Dolls was about $60, but she was incredibly worth it. It is quiet a shame that still; it’s a little confusing to see these girls not sell so well – when you look at a doll like Unter Den Linden; the detail and delicacy is just mindblowing, plus the smaller heads would appeal to those who are turned off by the Pullip’s.

  4. A while ago, I ordered a pullip mio kit. I was so happy and put her together, not putting any face up or eyelashes. Every time I close her eyes, the back of the head pops out. Do I get new head screws or something else?

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m not entirely sure what would be causing this issue, when I’ve had troubles with heads before normally I just take it apart and put it back together again and it seems to resolve the majority of issues.

    • kleintoys says:

      A wig cap would hold it together, I have no idea what is causing the issue but Coolcat sells Pullip screws as an absolute worst case scenario.

      • I ordered a silicone wig cap from coolcat on eBay but how do you pay on coolcat? It just askes for your name, address, and country. Sorry if this is irrelevant to pullips.

    • kleintoys says:

      It’s been a couple of years since I have ordered from them, I believe that is all you enter and then they get back to you in a day or two to confirm a shipping quote/payment information.

  5. Shelly says:

    I just got my first pullip. Is it normal that her head doesn’t move up and down? It will move side to side. I assumed it should move up and down since my little pullips head can.

    • kleintoys says:

      Big pullip’s head isn’t as movable as little Pullips because of the eye mech which takes up a considerable amount of space in its head. All pullip does is look left to right.

  6. Ani says:

    Hello, I just recently read a comment about the company that produces Pullip, Taeyang, Dal and Isul dolls will stop the release and these dolls will disappear. Is that true?

    • kleintoys says:

      Where did you read that comment? It’s possible it’s an old comment about Jun Planning going bankrupt when the future of Pullip was in question, production was put on hold for a month while they transitioned to Groove. They have new dolls announced for the next few months and I know they are working on more and there is supposed to be a NYCC exclusive soon too.

      • Ani says:

        I hope that comment wasn’t true. I was watching this youtube channel that I follow and read a comment that someone left about groove stopping the release of dolls. I asked to this person, what was the source she got that info from but she didn’t answer. I know groove has announced new dolls. This is the link to the page where I saw that comment.

  7. Ani says:

    hmmmm…. seems like the person deleted the comment because I don’t see it anymore not even the one I left asking about it.

    • kleintoys says:

      It’s possible the Omocha Crush deleted it, I don’t think the claim has any veracity to it honestly. Groove is doing the very popular Sailor Moon collaboration right now which is selling really well, they are doing great.

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