These are all frequently asked questions that I seem to get with alarming frequency so I thought I would devote a page to them in hopes of cutting down on the number of emails asking the same damn questions.. I will add more as they get asked. If you have any questions not covered here or need a bit more clarification please leave a comment here or email me

I also made a Pullip FAQ which is viewable here
General Questions

Question I want to stalk you get to know you better, where else can I find you online?
Answer These days, I’m everywhere… 
Twitter- Pullip_Junk
Myfigurecollection.net – St_Jimmy
AIM- Atashi.saikano
Flickr- Pullip_Junk
Tumblr- Pullipsandjunk.tumblr.com
Facebook- Ichigo.Klein
I’m Hina Ichigo on most of the pullip forums, I’m Klein on the blythe/bjd/most other forums I am on although I tend not to be as active on those forums.

Question: Can I use your pictures?
Answer: Promotional photos are not my property but the property of their respective company.I am generally okay with people using my photos for their personal use/comparative purposes as long as you do not claim my photos/my collection as your own or attempt to sell anything using my photos, all I ask is that you link back here or to my flickr.

Question: What type of camera do you use?
Answer: I’m currently using a Canon T4iMy original camera was a Sony DSC-W120 which was a simple point and shoot. Last year I upgraded to the Canon Eos Rebel XS was replaced with a Canon Eos Rebel T3 which has been replaced with the T4i.

Question: What is pictured in the banner?
Answer: The illustration currently in the banner is by Rubyconcream, the artwork is based on the stylized version of the DC character Duela Dent that was customized into a doll by Requiemart.

Question: Do you own a store? How do you have access to all this stuff?
Answer: No, I don’t own a store I am just an overzealous collector.

Question: Where are the prices? I can’t tell what is for sale and what isn’t :/
Answer: Like I said before, this is not a store so nothing is for sale unless I explicitly say otherwise.

Question: Where do you get all these wonderful toys?
Answer: Most of my more common sources of toys are listed on the links page.

Question: How the hell do you afford all this stuff?
Answer: I’m an adult. I have a decent job and not a lot of bills so I am fortunate enough to be able to devote a lot of resources to my hobbies.

18 Responses to F.A.Q.

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    NONE OF MY DOLLS ARE FOR SALE- I get this question at least a few times a week so while I hate to have to put it so boldly I feel required to do so

    Hahaha! I was wondering if you got lots of offers on your goodies, guess you do. What a pain, that would bother me a lot.

    PS – Love the FAQ a lot, really well done.

    • kleintoys says:

      That one and the one about asking where to buy dollfie dreams are probably the most frequently asked questions I get. I really don’t mind questions in general but some of them can get to be a bit asinine. I don’t mind if I get hey where did you buy the doll, about how much did you pay or how do I get in contact with the customizer more frequently then not though I get the can I buy your $500 Noir for $50 or some such nonsense. I don’t get as many questions about the anime figures luckily. I am to the point where I am almost refusing to answer dollfie dream questions at all because I get such backlash about them, a few people were interested in the event dolls a few dollpas back and I stated very plainly when they would be available through volksusa’s site and I got a ton of emails like the day after the preorder lottery closed complaining that I didn’t remind them the preorder lottery was closing (that and most of the people who contact me about them seem to be under the impression they can buy rare/popular DD for under $200 >_< ).

      Thanks, I try and add relevant questions as they get asked.

      • lovelyduckie says:

        I can def see why people would be a bit naive about Dollfie Dreams, seems they’re on popular blogs everywhere these days. They look so irresistable that the reader might not want to think that they are out of their budget. Oh by the way, it’s also appreciated that you track down people that use your images, particularly those selling things. It’s a slimey thing for them to do. Your image doesn’t properly reflect the condition of their particular item. Plus it takes a long time to set up good pictures of figures/dolls, they shouldn’t get credit.

    • kleintoys says:

      Anime figure collecting isn’t really a cheap hobby anymore when we are paying $100 or so for a GSC 1/8 scale these days. People should be realistic with their expectations though, if the MSRP for something is over $1k like a Saber Dollfie Dream then expecting to get it for so much less is kind of wishful thinking, if anything due to popularity her prices has climbed a friend of mine paid about $1600 for his.

      I don’t understand the laziness I guess, when it comes to researching stuff ^^; I was seriously thinking about getting a Suiseiseki super dollfie recently, I knew her original cost which was just slightly under $1k and I was willing to pay quite a bit – $1200 maybe $1500 if I found an absolutely unopened pristine one but I gave up when I realized she was going to run me $2k minimum with the yen conversion rate and the current yahoo Japan prices.

      As far as image theft goes, I am more afraid of someone not even owning a figure and trying to sell it using my images. I own a lot of rare/older stuff and I have already had a situation that already where someone was linking to my flickr and literally saying that they were me on a forum based out of Hong Kong and trying to sell my figures out from underneath me. Luckily I was able to get in contact with an admin and they were able to ban the user. I don’t mind if someone posts one of my pictures for stuff like comparisons or if someone is looking for owner photos of a specific figure as long as they link back here or to be flickr but I draw the line at people trying to sell my figures out from underneath me :P

  2. Colleen says:

    Hi, Im trying to get an obitsu body for my Saras, would you know what color I should get to replace her other body with? Also as much as I love her green hair, its a pain to deal with, would you know of any U.S. sellers that are trust worthy to buy wigs from? Thanks

    • kleintoys says:

      Definitely white/pale, most pullips use it. US sellers of wigs are few and far between, unless you fancy fur wigs I recommend you just buy internationally. Some stores like Denverdoll carry an extremely limited selection of 8/9 wigs. VolksUSA has some wigs but they are so pricey a lot of times it works out cheaper to buy internationally.

  3. Joyce True says:

    Hello, great images you have. I am looking for someone to customize my little Dal. I want freckles put on her. Can you point me in the right direction?

  4. tyra says:

    im looking for a wig to buy . do you have any suggestions?

  5. Wanilla-bean says:

    This is kind of random, but is there any way I can contact Requiemart?
    I’m thinking about commissioning her.

  6. Holly says:

    hi, im curous, im going to buy a MIO Isul kit to make my own isul, only ive been searching for certain part that will fit the isul. such as eye chips, unfortunately a lot of sites don’t have much info on this. will pullip size eye chips and wigs fit the Isul? im afraid to purchase without understanding it, it would be a problem if nothing fit the doll. im also looking into a fur wig for the doll but im afraid it may have problems years later unless taken good care of. thank you for your time, Holly

    • kleintoys says:

      Isul is still a fairly new edition to the Pullip family so information can be sparse at times. He does fit normal pullip eye chips and the kit does come with a set of clear eye chips you can paint any color you desire if you are handy with that sort of thing. Pullip sized wigs or 8-9 wigs will fit him too, fur wigs are generally pretty low maintenance so you shouldn’t have a problem, just don’t get them wet and you should be fine.

    • kleintoys says:

      Best of luck with your custom <3

  7. Holly says:

    thanks ^^

  8. Mireille Ali says:

    Can I ask, How did you come to have groove send you samples to review? Did you just start doing reviews and got your page more popular? Sorry I’m so curious :L. By the way I LOVE your page <3

    • kleintoys says:

      Hi, I covered it on the Pullip FAQ http://pullipsandjunk.com/pullips-company/pullip-faq/ but Groove asked around for my email address and Truefan’s contact information, I was apparently recommended to them because I have been blogging about Pullip for quite some time now; I’ve been around the Pullip community for seven years this month. They asked us various questions about Pullip and said that they would be send me some sample items from the new MIO line, I had no idea what to actually expect I thought maybe they would send me one of the blank kits but they sent me a bunch of MIO items and I blogged basically everything. I didn’t hear a word from them after that and that was late fall apparently they liked what we did with the first batch of items as a month or so later Pullip Kuhn arrived. I blogged her even though they never answered my emails asking about her mysterious arrival. I didn’t hear a peep from them at all until a couple of weeks ago, they told me they would be sending me and Truefan some sample items and asked us some more questions about Pullip and told us that a Dal would be coming in April as we had both asked. Again, we didn’t know what was coming just that there would be some sample items I thought maybe a doll or more MIO items I didn’t expect so much O_o

      I’ve never asked Groove for anything, I’ve always been very honest about any items they did actually send me. I’ve been around the community for years and have been spreading the Pullip love everywhere I go.

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